Are you a Creative

Do you want to Millionize your Potential?

What We Do For You

We provide a blockchain-based platform to secure your rights to your content, so you can get paid for your work.


Milio is a social media platform built for content creators like you. We share up to 50% of our revenue with you. We offer a crowd funding system, like Kickstarter, we even have streaming services and MilDeals where your can license your content globally.


In this day and age of fake news, fashion, people and more, it's hard to show originality. Milio is a platform for you to protect your creative rights, so you can millionize your potential.


Milio promotes your content to a global audience. We are already operating in Hollywood, California, Jakarta, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Our role is provide


Milio allows you to do what you do best: create amazing. We provide the tools to empower your content to a global audience.



Content per Day


Videos & Movies




4 Simple Steps

Register your content with our dynamic forms, upload, we review, and approve. We use A.I. to validate the content is not duplicated or a copy of someone else's work (we protect your rights, remember?).



Create you music, video, photos, graphics, logos, and register them with us.What kind of content can you register? Any digital content. Using our blockchain technology you can attach contracts to your content, allowing use for somethings and no others. Totally up to you. Learn more


Approval Stage

Our approval process can take anywhere from 1-2 days to up to 2 weeks, based on the content type: images are fast, full length 2 hour movies take longer. Obivously! We do 2 things to during the approval process, ensure that you're not violating copyright and/or censorship laws around the world. We protect you. The second thing we do, is attach a "digital fingerprint" to your content, so we can track it. Anywhere. From FB, to YouTube to Timbuktu. Learn more


Publish to Blockchain

Once your content is approved, it's automatically published in Milio, and if you wish, in MilDeals, so you can earn from distrbuting your content globally. Learn more


Millionize Your Potential

Because of our digital fingerprint tecnology, you are in control of what happens to your content. You decide, not us. If you share your content through our system, we share up to 50% of our revenue back to you. How many social media do you know that does that? What? None? Now there's one. It's Milio. Learn more

About Milio

We Millionize Your Potential

Milio is a service by Rights Ledger, Inc. to help you get a fair deal with your content. Rights Ledger, is the blockchain service that is the heartbeat of Milio. Rights Ledger started by Hollywood veterans who so how raw a deal the content producers were getting, not just from the studios, or the music industry, but most of all by current social media. They profit obsencely at your expense. Milio is the Sharing Economy for Digital Content.

  • Your content yours. We register it in our blockchain so no one, can ever say it's theirs. Forever.
  • Milio is a platform for the Sharing Ecomony. And we share up to 50% direct back to you.
  • A highly skilled team is behind, not just Milio, but MilStage, MilDeals and of course Rights Ledger.
  • Isn't it time your content made you better off, rather other big social media making billions per day of other people's content?

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